Ginny was a high school art teacher that loved sharing her passion for the arts with her students. She retired early from teaching to focus on her own work as a figurative sculptor.

Her contemplative work is inspired by the strength and diversity of the human spirit. Using rhythmic shapes and a strong sense of form, Ginny elongates, exaggerates and simplifies her work to try to capture the spirit and essence of the figure.

Travel and experiencing the culture and customs of people in the Middle East, Africa, India, Australia, Mexico and Europe have given her a deeper understanding of the human condition. The many years of study and practise of yoga also have had a profound influence on her work. “I want to share the deep sense of contentment and peace the both yoga and art have given me.” Her hope is that in looking at her sculptures, people slow down, rest in the moment and reflect on all that is good in our world.

Clay, resin, hydrastone, driftwood, concrete and bronze are some of the media that Ginny works with. Her work ranges from smaller indoor clay pieces to 5 foot tall outdoor concrete and bronze sculptures.

A senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Ginny’s work is in private collections in Western Canada, the US, the UK, Europe and North Africa. You can view her work at The Westshore Gallery in Sooke and at her home studio in Victoria, BC.