I create figurative sculpture that celebrates the strength and diversity of the human spirit.  My goal is to engage, inspire and provoke viewers with my work.   

In 2009 my husband and I spent two years living in North African. This has had a significant impact on my work.  The richness and diversity of the ethnic groups, the plethora of Greek and Roman ruins, sculptures and mosaics and the incredible landscapes have provided powerful imagery to draw upon.

I am drawn to earthy, tactile surfaces and symbolic impressions. I love to simplify and elongate the human form.  Working with clay allows for a direct, spontaneous and playful approach, enabling me to capture the spirit of the figure.  While I still plan to work in clay, I also work in bronze, resin and hydrastone and am always excited to explore new materials for my work.

My work has been described as ethereal.  I hope to create contemplative pieces that have a spiritual connection, a connection that ancient cultures had with the earth, a connection that we yearn to recapture in the world today.

In November 2011, I spent 6 weeks in India upgrading my yoga teacher training and absorbing the amazing atmosphere of Southern India.  The Chakra Series was influenced by my time in India as well as my many years of yoga.

I have returned to my roots on Vancouver Island after spending over 30 years in Calgary, teaching art, and raising my family and am enjoying the opportunity to focus on making art.

My work is in private collections in Western Canada, the US, Europe and North Africa.